It began in 2012 with a
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The RHF began to take
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Our collective
Is leading to real-world
Igniting our shared potential
Coast to Coast to Coast
Igniting our shared potential
This year, the RHF is celebrating 10 years of working towards building a smarter, more caring Canada. Now is the time to think collectively about some of our most pressing challenges. We invite you to explore how the RHF is helping to address them.


As one of our most valued supporters, the Arthur L. Irving Family Foundation has been instrumental to the growth of the RHF as a national charity striving to build a smarter and more caring Canada.

The Irving Family’s shared passion for encouraging pride in our country and for creating the conditions for more Canadians to succeed to their fullest potential are the hallmarks of our partnership. Yours is a shining example of barn-raising that the RHF seeks to inspire in every Canadian.

The Irving family’s generous contributions of time, talent and treasure, as well as Sarah’s strategic leadership on the Board of Directors, have made possible the acceleration of our work in learning, innovation, leadership and civic engagement, and widening the circle of giving across the country.

This microsite presents a time capsule for the progress and the achievements we have accomplished thanks to your extraordinary generosity and demonstrates the impact of your support on the lives of so many Canadians. We invite you to review the impact made possible thanks to your partnership.

We are deeply grateful for your early support and faith in the RHF. You are helping us build a smarter and more caring Canada. On behalf of thousands of Canadians who are benefitting from your trust and investments in our work, we thank you.

The Rideau Hall Foundation’s impact extends from coast to coast to coast.

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A message from Teresa Marques

Teresa Marques headshot
At the Rideau Hall Foundation, partnership is in our DNA. To ensure that our range of national programs has local impact and relevance on the ground, we are honoured to work closely with partners from every sector who care deeply about Canada. We are enormously grateful to everyone who has been part of the RHF’s mission over the last 10 years, and we look forward to deepening these relationships going forward, for the benefit of more Canadians from coast to coast to coast. — Teresa Marques, President and CEO

About the RHF

The Rideau Hall Foundation is an independent charitable organization that serves to mobilize ideas, people, and resources across the country to tap into our collective aspirations and help ignite our shared potential.

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How we work

Collaboration is in our DNA. The RHF acts as a convenor and catalyst across all sectors, serving as a platform to bring the right partners and resources together with a clear focus on the impact that can be achieved. Since 2012, the RHF has partnered with all levels of government, not-for-profits, the business community, and like-minded philanthropists for maximum impact. This broad family of support has provided essential resources to expand our national programming and shapes the way we deliver our initiatives, ensuring cost efficiency and successful outcomes.

Board of Directors

David Johnston headshot

The Right Honourable David Johnston

Chair of the RHF Board Governor General of Canada, 2010-2017

Huguette Labelle headshot

Huguette Labelle

Vice-Chair of the RHF Board

Rosalie Abella headshot

The Honourable Rosalie Abella

Zeba Ahmad headshot

Zeba Ahmad

James Baxter headshot

James Baxter

Norie Campbell headshot

Norie C. Campbell

Elizabeth Cannon headshot

Elizabeth Cannon

Mark Carney headshot

Mark Carney

Charmaine Crooks headshot

Charmaine Crooks

Paul Davidson headshot

Paul Davidson

Chair, Governance and Nominating Committee

Mark Dockstator headshot

Mark Dockstator

Udloriak Hanson headshot

Udloriak Hanson

Chair, Program Committee

Anne-Marie Hubert headshot

Anne-Marie Hubert

Sarah Irving headshot

Sarah Irving

Paul Labarge headshot

Paul Labarge

Chair, Development Committee

Helene Laurendeau headshot

Hélène Laurendeau

Paul Lee headshot

V. Paul Lee

Dalton McGuinty headshot

Dalton Mcguinty

Chair, Innovation Committee

Beverley McLachlin headshot

The Right Honourable Beverley Mclachlin

John Montalbano headshot

John Montalbano

Evan Price headshot

Evan Price

H Sandord Riley headshot

H. Sanford Riley

Stephen Smith headshot

Stephen Smith

Treasurer And Chair, Finance And Audit Committee

Abdullah Snobar headshot

Abdullah Snobar

Nancy Southern headshot

Nancy Southern

Malik Talib headshot

Malik Talib

Frank Vettese headshot

Frank Vettese

Stephen Wallace headshot

Stephen Wallace

Ben Watsa headshot

Benjamin P. Watsa

Vice-Chair, Investment Committee

Directors Emeriti

Rahul Bhardwaj, Amit Chakma, Paul Desmarais III, Robert Harding, Carol Lee, Monique F. Leroux, The Honourable Kevin Lynch, Ross McGregor, Frank Rochon, Khalil Shariff, Victor Thomas, Annette Verschuren, Marie Wilson

Honorary Secretary

Ian McCowan, Secretary to the Governor General

Honorary Counsel

Robert Prichard

A message from David Johnston

David Johnston headshot
Throughout my lifetime, I have often talked about the importance of building a smarter, more caring Canada. Through the Rideau Hall Foundation, we are seeing that vision take shape across the country. I am proud of what we’ve accomplished in only 10 years, but even more, I am excited about all that we can still achieve. By using trust and empathy as our guideposts, we are creating the conditions where, as Canadians, we can fully realize our shared potential. — The Right Honourable David Johnston, 28th Governor General of Canada and Chair of the Rideau Hall Foundation

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